Tape Conversion Services

Do you have Family Videos That you would like to have converted to DVD or USB Drive / External Hard Drive?

Over time Tapes might break down so by converting them to one of the above options you don’t have to worry about losing your precious memories.

Unlike other VHS tapes have different recording types.

1.  SP is short for Standard Play. SP mode will yield 2 hours of video.  Cost for the transfer is Flat rate of $10.00.

2. LP is short for Long Play. LP can hold roughly 6 hours of video.  Cost for the transfer is Flat rate of $10.00 regardless of the number of DVD’s used.

3. EP/SLP is short for extended play / Super Long Play. Tapes recorded at EP usually are the most problematic after years of  storage, displaying a wide variety of tape damage symptoms including color loss, audio loss, frame skipping, and tracking issues.  EP/SLP mode 9 hours. The longer you set your VCR record speeds at, (LP or EP mode) the picture and sound quality will not be as clear and sharp, as if you recorded on the SP mode.

Conversion companies charge 2 hours per DVD therefore if you have tapes that are 6 or longer they will still transfer them however the customer will get charged for multiple DVDs.

ECV Express offers a flat rate of $10.00 no matter the length of your VHS Tapes. If you tape were initially recorded in LP / EP / SLP, After 3 hours the recording of the VHS will be paused and another DVD will resume the recording until your tape is finished. No matter how many DVDs are used, The cost for the transfer is Flat rate of $10.00.

VHS-C had similar video quality but a shorter run time, 90 versus 30 minutes at SP speed (for standard cassettes), 180 versus 60 for longer-running modes. Cost for the transfer is Flat rate of $10.00.

Mini DV & The Mini DV Tape (DVC-Digital Video Cassette) is a digital videotape. The most common length for Mini DV tapes is 60 Minutes (11GB of data). Cost for the transfer is Flat rate of $10.00.

ECV Express Provides the DVD’s.  If you would rather have your tapes converted to USB stick or External HD, the customer must provide those.

NOTE: The USB stick or External HD must have sufficient space, therefore it is important to have lots of GB space on your drive.  If the customer does not have enough space, the tapes won’t be recorded due to insufficient space but the customer will still get billed for the conversion services at a Flat rate of $10.00.

If you wish ECV Express can provide you with either a USB or External HD at an additional cost however you (the customer is responsible to decide what size of space GB you need).

Note: Upon deposit of the tapes, there is an initial deposit of 50% which is non-refundable whether the recording or not.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned tapes are the ONLY tapes that I convert. I do not convert Hi8 / 8mm / Beta or Betamax tapes.

To use this service send me a message through the Contact Form.

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